About Chaya

Welcome to ChezChaya, where every recipe, piece of advice, and tablescape is infused with heartfelt warmth and genuine passion. Step into my virtual kitchen, where you’re not just a visitor but a cherished guest, invited to explore the flavors of comfort, the beauty of tradition, and the joy of creating unforgettable memories.

Chez (home) is where the heart is.

Whether you’re a dedicated follower from Instagram or stumbled upon this haven in search of the perfect challah recipe, I’m absolutely delighted to welcome you to ChezChaya. Ever wondered about the name ChezChaya? Allow me to demystify: Chaya, my name, means ‘life’ in Hebrew, and Chez embodies the French essence of ‘home.’ And let’s be honest, everything sounds just a tad more magical in French, doesn’t it? Oui?? So, here we are, ChezChaya: the cozy sanctuary where all things Chaya thrive—comfort food, advice on home decor, inspiration, gratitude, shopping, and pure good vibes.

What started as an Instagram hobby for ChefChaya and a love for food in 2013 turned into a full lifestyle page. ChefChaya began posting on Instagram in 2013 and then morphed into ChezChaya. ChezChaya is a daily women’s lifestyle site covering food, advice, inspiration, style, and home decor. I encourage visitors to “come for the blog, stay for the joy.”


We love working with brands and businesses and are happy to create partnerships of all shapes and sizes.

Please email ChezChaya@Gmail for our media kit.


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